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Accredited Russian interpreter for any business needconference interpreting

Contact us if you require the services of an accredited Russian interpreter to assist at:

  • ​Conferences or Seminars
  • Business or Private negotiations
  • Court or Legal aid sessions
  • Doctors’ appointments or in Hospitals
  • Presentations or Training sessions
  • Skype or Web seminars

Depending on the situation, we will be working in consecutive or simultaneous mode. Simultaneous interpretation is mainly used for conferences and meetings with lengthy presentations as it saves a lot of time.


 What is conference interpreting and how does it work?

Conference interpreters work mainly in simultaneous mode, i.e. they convey the spoken message to the audience in another language in real time, almost in sync with the speaker. So you are listening and talking at the same time, and, still, have to make sense!Conference interpreting saves a lot of time and is mainly used for conferences and meetings with lengthy presentations. This mode of interpreting requires special equipment (interpreter booths) and competent simultaneous interpreters. Because of the challenging intensity of simultaneous interpreting, interpreters work in teams of two in order to be able to replace each other every half hour.


Who is telephone interpreting useful for?

If you are pushed for time you might prefer phone interpreting over the face-to-face interpreting. It is useful when either the client or the interpreter are not in the same location, and can be extremely flexible when you may have an urgent or unplanned event or appointment.

It is carried out using a three-way conference telephone call, the interpreter can take notes throughout and once each portion of speech has been uttered, the interpreter re-speaks, consecutively, what has been said.

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